„What I find most important is Lisa’s exploration of the cultural function of jewelry, and a revitalization of it to be relevant to now. Walker’s jewelry is the extreme version of the most personal contemporary appurtenance. It is the physical manifestation of the mental and virtual baggage of living NOW. It is a stream of consciousness record of the whims and obsessions of an over-mediafied, production inundated, anxious global culture. If our collective subconscious brain could turn its pockets inside out, showing the world what we are really made of, it would look like Lisa’s work.”
Kerianne Kwik, Assistant Professor of Jewelry and Metalsmithing at San Diego State University, US.

Walker uses a vast range of materials and construction methods. She creates objects that consciously simmer with influences from all aspects of culture and life. The pieces are often laced with references to contemporary jewellery of the past forty years, as she questions and researches what jewellery means and what it could be. Walker largely positions her work around the history, the future and the boundaries of jewellery